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Three Common Defenses in DUI Cases

23, February, 2018

Many people who have been arrested for DUI feel hopeless and have resigned themselves to pleading guilty to the crime…

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A DUI in South Carolina Can Have Serious Collateral Consequences

12, February, 2018

Most people are aware of the fact that South Carolina courts often impose significant sentences upon people who are convicted of drunk driving. In…

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Violent Crimes Carry a Social Stigma that Can Affect Your Future

5, February, 2018

Violent crimes like assault and battery and those involving domestic violence occupy a special place in the public consciousness. While many people excuse offenses…

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You Can Challenge Breathalyzer Evidence

15, January, 2018

Did you get pulled over for a DUI and fail a breathalyzer test? Many people might not know this, but…

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I highly recommend Lori to anyone in need of a defense attorney who is facing serious charges. She is excellent. Highly competent, professional, empathetic and knows the legal system very well. She effectively saved my son from the possibility of a lifetime in prison. I understand that the outcome of cases is not entirely in her hands, but she fought for my son at every turn. I am grateful beyond words for her council and representation, and would encourage others to put their trust in her when their future is on the line.

Quentin Covington

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