Do you need an assault and battery defense attorney in Columbia SC? If so, it’s important to act quickly to get the qualified representation necessary to protect your rights and future. An assault and battery conviction can have a long-lasting, negative impact on your life. You don’t have to let unfair charges, false accusations, or misunderstandings ruin your reputation.

At the Law Offices of Lori S. Murray, you will find a legal team that is ready to fight for you. Lori Murray is an experienced Columbia criminal defense attorney and passionate client advocate who wants to see you get the most favorable outcome for your case. Whether you are facing assault and battery 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree, or assault and battery with intent to kill and attempted murder, Lori Murray is dedicated to fighting for your freedom. 

Assault & Battery 1st Degree Conviction Sentences

Assault and battery in the first degree is when a person tries to kill a person or knowingly attempts to cause serious physical injury to another person. If the crime leads to the victim’s serious physical injury, it is a Class A felony, which may result in ten to 30 years and up to life in prison. If the first-degree assault does not lead to a serious physical injury, the crime is a Class B felony, which may result in five to 15 years in prison.

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From the first call to our office, you’ll know that Lori Murray and the team are committed to providing superior legal services to prevent your Columbia assault and battery conviction. Let us handle everything—from trial preparation and investigations to negotiations and potentially dropped charges. Schedule a free consultation with Lori Murray now by filling out our online form or calling 803.779.4472.


Assault is the threat of harm, while battery is the act of violence; the violence can be physical or emotional in nature. In the State of South Carolina and several other states, assault and battery have been combined into one charge that includes the threat and act of violence.

Aggravated assault is assault involving the attempt or threat of illegal action using a deadly weapon. For example, attempted rape while threatening the victim with a gun is considered aggravated assault. The consequences of aggravated assault are more severe than regular assault and require legal representation from a seasoned criminal defense attorney like Lori Murray.

As an aggressive litigator and negotiator, Lori Murray has more than 15 years of experience, including work as a criminal defense attorney and prosecutor. Because she understands both sides of defense, she can analyze your case from different angles to help you get results. Our entire legal team at the Law Offices of Lori S. Murray cares about your case and wants to help you successfully navigate the legal process.
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