Have you or a loved one experienced an injury in a car accident? A skilled Columbia car accident attorney can help you fight for the fair compensation you deserve. While it may seem like you can handle the insurance claims on your own, the truth is navigating the legal process is complicated. In many cases, the insurance company will try to give you less than you deserve. Turn to Columbia car accident attorney Lori Murray to get the legal assistance and representation you need to build the strongest case.

Have You Been Injured in a Car Accident in Columbia, SC?

After a car accident injury, you may be left reeling and unsure how to move forward. An injury can negatively impact your employment, social life, and relationships. As the medical bills stack up, you may be fearful about how you will pay for them and how you can reclaim your life. If your accident was a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, letting Lori Murray fight for your rightful settlement can help you experience some hope and relief.

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The first step to getting your life back is to contact the Law Offices of Lori S. Murray. Our legal team is dedicated to helping you move forward after the nightmare of a car accident. For more than 20 years, Lori Murray has helped car accident victims and their families get optimal results for their personal injury lawsuits. When you contact our law firm, we will:

  • Get the compensation you need to cover medical bills.
  • Work toward a settlement that will make up for the loss of income due to your injuries.
  • Help you receive the money you deserve for the pain and emotional suffering you have experienced during and after the accident.
  • Provide our legal services on a contingency basis; this means we calculate your fee based on a percentage of the financial amount we recover from your case, and there are no attorney fees unless we are successful.

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We understand choosing a car accident attorney is a big step. You need to be able to trust your legal team will fight for your best interests and work diligently to get the compensation you deserve. When you choose the Law Offices of Lori S. Murray, we strive to make the entire legal process as streamlined and hassle-free for you as possible. We don’t want to add to your burden. Instead, we are here to make your life easier by ensuring you have the monetary compensation you need to heal and recover from your injuries.

To help you determine if Lori Murray is the right attorney for your case, we offer a free consultation. It’s a chance for you to sit down with Lori Murray, ask all the questions you may have, and learn more about the services she will provide as your car accident attorney.

Pick up the phone and call Lori Murray today at 803.779.4472 or fill out our online form to schedule your free and confidential consultation.

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Seeking professional medical assistance immediately after an accident is the most important first step. If possible, take photos of the accident scene and speak to any witnesses, making sure to gather their contact information. It’s also crucial to contact a trusted personal injury attorney right away, so they can begin working for you to build a strong case.

If you have injuries resulting from an accident due to someone else’s recklessness or negligence, you may be entitled to a settlement. An insurance company is likely to compensate you far less than what your personal injury case is worth. Lori Murray will help you to assess the circumstances and extent of your injuries, so you can work toward a fair settlement, covering medical costs, emotional suffering, loss of income, and more.

As you move forward with your personal injury claim, you need a reputable attorney on your side who understands the ins and outs of the legal process. Lori Murray brings years of experience and a track record of success to your case. She knows what it takes to help you receive a fair settlement to meet your needs following a devastating injury. From the first call to our office, you’ll know you have a legal team that will be there with you every step of the way, fighting to protect your rights and best interests.
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