Slip and fall accidents can result in a wide variety of injuries—from broken bones and lacerations to sprains and head injuries. If you or a loved one has experienced one of these injuries and the accident was due to someone’s negligence, a skilled slip and fall accident lawyer can help you take the best next steps.

Lori Murray is more than just a personal injury attorney. As a former prosecutor, she is familiar with both sides of defense, which helps you build the strongest case possible. She is also a former insurance defense attorney, so she has insider knowledge of how insurance companies approach slip and fall accidents. You deserve the best slip and fall accident lawyer in Columbia, and that’s what you’ll get when you turn to the Law Offices of Lori S. Murray.

Columbia Slip and Fall Accident

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be facing medical bills you can’t afford, loss of income, and pain and suffering. As the victim of a slip and fall accident that was not your fault, you deserve compensation that will provide you with relief and a better future. Lori Murray will help you work toward the fair settlement you deserve to cover your financial needs. She understands the ins and outs of the slip and fall legal process and isn’t afraid to fight for your rights.

How can you know if an accident qualifies you for compensation? Some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Wet or slippery floors with lack of proper warning signage
  • Poor lighting
  • Damaged or loose flooring or carpeting
  • Damaged or missing handrails on stairs
  • Uneven or cracked sidewalks and driveways
  • Parking lot potholes

No matter the cause of the slip and fall accident, if there is another potentially at-fault party, it is worth your time to speak with Lori Murray. She’ll be able to assess the details of your accident and let you know if you have grounds for compensation.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Slip and Fall?

Finding a skilled personal injury lawyer who has experience with slip and fall accidents will position your case for success. At the Law Offices of Lori S. Murray, we have helped countless clients to receive the fair compensation that allowed them to heal, recover, and achieve a higher quality of life.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Lori Murray as your slip and fall lawyer:

  • A thorough analysis of your case—Lori’s unique perspective as a personal injury attorney and former prosecutor means she looks at your case from all angles.
  • Protection against insurance companies that are not looking out for your best interests and may try to give you a settlement that is far less than you deserve.
  • Compensation that allows you to adequately cover your medical bills and lost income.
  • A settlement that includes monetary compensation for your physical pain and emotional suffering—You’ve been through a lot and deserve to be well compensated.

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If you are looking for a qualified Columbia slip and fall accident lawyer you can trust with your case, it’s time to connect with the Law Offices of Lori S. Murray. With more than 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge of South Carolina’s personal injury laws, Lori Murray will exceed your expectations and get the compensation you deserve following your accident.

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Seeking professional medical assistance immediately after an accident is the most important first step. If possible, take photos of the accident scene and speak to any witnesses, making sure to gather their contact information. It’s also crucial to contact a trusted personal injury attorney right away, so they can begin working for you to build a strong case.

If you have injuries resulting from an accident due to someone else’s recklessness or negligence, you may be entitled to a settlement. An insurance company is likely to compensate you far less than what your personal injury case is worth. Lori Murray will help you to assess the circumstances and extent of your injuries, so you can work toward a fair settlement, covering medical costs, emotional suffering, loss of income, and more.

As you move forward with your personal injury claim, you need a reputable attorney on your side who understands the ins and outs of the legal process. Lori Murray brings years of experience and a track record of success to your case. She knows what it takes to help you receive a fair settlement to meet your needs following a devastating injury. From the first call to our office, you’ll know you have a legal team that will be there with you every step of the way, fighting to protect your rights and best interests.
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Legal can be so confusing, Lori and her staff always went up and beyond for me. I'm glad I had Lori and her staff on my team. With a long process of over a year and a half working with her... Yes a year and a half, when you have to work with someone for so long on a situation which is so complicated and confusing you really want someone great on your side. I could go on and on on how great it was to work with Lori and her staff. But we all know you have bigger fish to fry so just give her a call. I HIGHLY recommend her!


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