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Charged With a CDV in South Carolina?

A Columbia, SC CDV attorney should be familiar with the area. Lori Murray, is a Columbia Domestic Violence Attorney that has practiced in SC her entire career. She is very familiar with CDV laws in SC.

Lori is not only a CDV defense attorney, she's a former prosecutor too. As a former prosecutor, Lori gained experience which allows her to look at your case from a different angle and provide you with a full analysis of your CDV charges. Her experience as a former prosecutor has served clients well and is not something that all CDV attorneys in Columbia can claim.

Problems with a CDV Charge in SC

Contrary to popular belief, most people charged with CDV in SC are not violent people. At least not the kind you see in the movies or read about in the tabloids.

But if you’ve been charged with a CDV, chances are you and your partner had a disagreement and the situation got a little out of hand. The next thing you knew, cops were at your door.

Now you’re facing some serious consequences—consequences like jail time, steep fines, loss of your job and more.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, you’re in a difficult situation. In 2001, South Carolina passed a “No Drop” policy that requires all law enforcement agencies to prosecute every CDV case. This means it’s up to the judge to determine if and when to drop the charges.

Fortunately, the policy is not strictly adhered to, and prosecutors drop cases if the facts

presented warrant it. Unfortunately, they don’t dismiss cases lightly.

This is why you need a CDV attorney in Columbia, SC to represent you.

This is why you should turn to Lori Murray.

Past clients facing CDV charges turned to Lori when they wanted to:

  • Avoid jail time
  • Retain their right to own and carry firearms
  • Keep primary custody of their children
  • Retain their professional licenses
  • Maintain their reputations in the community
  • Keep a CDV conviction off of their public records
  • Ensure the charges don’t affect current and future employment opportunities

CDV Lawyer (Lori Murray) Answers Questions About Your Charge

What’s the maximum penalty for CDV?

For a 1st offense the maximum punishment is up to 30 days in jail, and a fine of no more than $2,500. You’ll get credit for any time served in jail while awaiting your case to be heard. Of course, the penalties and fines increase for 2nd and 3rd CDV offenses, as well as for Criminal Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature offenses.

My spouse doesn't want to press charges. Can I get it dropped?

No. Neither you nor your spouse can drop the charges. The prosecution brought the charges, and it must be the prosecution or the judge who decides what to do with them next.

What you can do is make sure you hire a good criminal defense attorney who’s experienced in handling criminal domestic violence charges.

Hiring an attorney can mean the difference between getting the charges dropped or facing serious criminal penalties such as:

  • Jail time
  • Mandatory counseling
  • Fines
  • Community service.

What’s the difference between a CDV and CDVHAN?

A CDVHAN charge is based on causing, threatening, or attempting to cause more serious physical harm on a household member. This is more serious than a regular CDV.

CDVHAN is a felony charge that carries 1-10 years in prison. Anyone charged with CDVHAN must serve prison time in the South Carolina Department of Corrections unless they are successful with their defense strategy.

So why choose Lori Murray?

People continue to recommend Lori because she:

  • Digs deep to uncover details that could change the outcome of your case
  • Is open and honest with you so you know what to expect at all times
  • Is decisive and takes action quickly
  • Is a former prosecutor, which means she knows how law enforcement thinks
  • Has handled hundreds of CDV cases—cases that were probably a lot like yours

You have a tough road ahead of you without a Columbia, SC CDV attorney. So why wait? It won’t cost you anything to see if CDV Lawyer Lori Murray can help. Dial 803-779-4472 or use this form to discuss your Columbia, SC CDV charge with Lori today.

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